About 3Dfits

3Dfits is a virtual fit solution that provides valuable insight into online footwear shopping

Much like clothing, the footwear size you order can vary with the designer of the product. Not only does the brand play a role in sizing, but the type of footwear you need can also alter the size that will be most comfortable and accurate for your feet.

3Dfits, a revolutionary new app, gives you the right fit, the first time. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the 3Dfits app provides a quick and efficient solution for consumers looking for the perfect fitting footwear, in just a few clicks.




Performance starts with the right fit.

Footwear that doesn't fit properly can do more harm than good. It can impair your ability to walk, exercise and function at full capacity.

Comfort is a fashion statement!

Why 3Dfits?

The 3Dfits app provides accurate footwear sizing with just a few clicks!

According to the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, 88% of female respondents wear shoes that are too small for their feet while 70% of men wear the wrong sized footwear.

If most of us would be more comfortable wearing a different shoe size, then why do we tend to purchase the wrong footwear size?

It’s pretty simple: we buy the size we’re accustomed to buying and wearing… even if it’s not perfect.

3Dfits is offered by MEGA InTech, an innovative technology company backed by decades of clinical research and utility in both the Ergonomics and Health and Safety fields. As an extension of the MEGA Group of Companies, MEGA InTech uses cutting edge technology to advance practical solutions for everyday consumers.

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Change the way you shop online for footwear forever.