Right Fit.
First Time.

The smart foot scanning solution that provides accurate sizing on your favorite brands.

Did you know...

Your size
can change with
each brand.

Yes, It’s true. Depending on the
brand, and type of shoe, you may
be a completely different size!

How does it work?

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Scan each foot
using your mobile phone

Get accurate size advice and choose from your favorite brands ​

The right technology
for the right fit.

No more ordering multiple sizes 
and having to deal with the hassle
of returns.



Stop wasting time returning orders after purchasing the wrong size.


Save money by ordering the correct size, and not having to pay for return shipping.


Save the five billion
pounds of returned products and packaging ends up in landfills.


Free yourself from the hassle
of returns. Get the right fit
and style the first time and everytime.

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